Every mom needs something fun in her wardrobe to help her feel just as amazing as she looks. Frilly dresses are the perfect solution, as these iconic pieces are ideal for every age, taste, and stage of life. Ruffles and frills have been around for decades, and there's a reason they're more of a staple than a fad. This timeless essential is oh-so-easy to fall in love with.

Frilly Dresses: Why They're a Must-Have

Here's the thing about frills: They just work. There's a little science and a lot of joy behind their appeal.

They're Flattering

Ruffles and frills can work wonders to accentuate or highlight your best features while camouflaging others. Asymmetry abounds when you have a ruffly design. Ironically, this helps create more balance along your figure. With those curvy layers of luscious fabric placed strategically along the dress, the result is an incredibly flattering look.

They're Fancy

Let's be honest: Most busy mommas don't have the time or energy to put a ton of effort into dressing up. Fortunately, frilly dresses give you an instant upgrade without the extra work. They're effortlessly beautiful and elegant by their very nature, so you don't have to work hard to look and feel fabulous. Whether you're getting ready for a big event or just want to feel fancy for the day, frills and ruffles make it possible. Who says you can't turn heads while grocery shopping?

They're Fun

Some clothes are simply a delight to wear. There's nothing like slipping on the perfect dress with that something extra that makes you feel a little younger and happier. It's fun to see, hear, and feel the movement the excess fabric and detailing provide. A great frilly dress is lovely to wear, whether you're young or young at heart. Choose coordinating designs so you and your mini-me can both enjoy the fun.

They're Feminine

Sometimes you want to embrace your femininity. What fashion choice could accomplish this better than an iconic pink frilly dress? Ruffles and frills have long symbolized the elegance, charm, and beauty of womanhood. Embrace your inner goddess and strut your stuff!

How To Style Frilly Dresses

If beauty is in the details, a ruffly dress is nothing short of a masterpiece. While it certainly stands out on its own, you can get creative and enjoy numerous unique looks with one piece. Whether you dress it up or down, here are some easy ways to make the most of this frilly wardrobe staple.

Keep It Simple

You don't need to add much to a beautifully made frilly dress to make a statement. In fact, keeping your look simple is a solid go-to option when it comes to wearing a piece like this. Let the garment speak for itself by keeping your shoes and accessories understated. Strappy sandals or sleek flats and a cute clutch are all you need to make this outfit complete.

Give It Some Structure

These dresses with ruffles are all about flow. You can mix things up by adding some contrast and supplementing with accessories that add more structure. A thick belt, killer heels, or a wide-brimmed hat can add major interest to your ensemble and give you an entirely new look.

Layer It Up

You may think your dress has too much detail to partner well with other pieces, but there's nothing quite like the sharp elegance of a black frilly dress paired with a smart blazer. Layering a jacket or sweater creates an eye-catching look that feels polished and put together. It's also a good way to enjoy sleeveless dresses year-round.

Add a Contrasting Color

Monochromatic ensembles certainly have their place, but color makes the fashion world go round. Pair your favorite white frilly dress with shoes and accessories in bold jewel tones to add more fun and femininity to the outfit.

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