Keeping up with energetic kiddos is a time-consuming task. Modern moms want stylish options that keep them comfortable without sacrificing functionality and fashion. Sweatshorts fit the bill; they're a must for busy mamas, and making them an eye-catching staple in your wardrobe is easier than you might think.

Styling Sweatshorts: Finding the Perfect Top

When it comes to creating an easy outfit with your favorite pair of sweatshorts, the options are practically limitless. These simple suggestions can help get you started.

The Classic Tee

A simple t-shirt is a no-brainer, and you can create tons of different looks with this article of clothing alone. A solid-colored or plain white tee is always a classic combo that leaves plenty of room for accessorizing, or try a cool graphic t-shirt to add more interest to your ensemble. No matter which route you go, it's a surefire way to stay cool and comfy all day.

The Slouchy Sweatshirt

Sweatshirts and sweatshorts were made for each other, so make sure you have at least one of these blissfully baggy tops ready to go. Pairing these two pieces helps create the perfect athleisure outfit, whether you're headed out to the park, getting in a workout, or just lounging around the house for the day.

The Fun Crop Top

The easiest way to turn these casual bottoms into an essential part of a fashion-forward ensemble is by wearing them with a great crop top. Show a little extra skin on hot days with a sports bra or bralette top. Cropped tees and even tube tops can also look stunning with sweatshorts.

The Bold Button-Down

It might sound unconventional, but you can totally make a button-down top work with these soft and cozy shorts. Choose a bright color and consider buttoning only the middle two or three buttons to create a crop-style alternative with a little extra class. Wear with or without a tank top underneath if you so choose.

The Layered Look

Layers are a mom's best friend; they make it easy for you to hop from one place to the next, indoors or out, while easily adjusting to varying temperatures so you always feel comfortable. They can also help salvage an outfit when an inevitable mess occurs. Layer up with a soft buttoned cardigan, a cool jacket, or even a sharp blazer.

How To Style Sweatshorts: Fashion Considerations

Some pieces labeled as "loungewear" or "workout wear" can get a bad rap for looking drab. If you want to look put together while rocking your sweatshorts, follow these tips to keep things stylish, not sloppy.

Try a Contrasting Fit

A fitted top is the ideal sweatshort companion. In fact, most fashion experts agree that partnering a loose-fitting article with a form-fitting one helps your body maintain its unique shape. This means you won't get lost in too much flowy, draping fabric. If fitted just isn't your vibe, try tucking in your loose top instead. This simple step can help create more structure overall.

Choose Bold, Bright Colors

There's nothing wrong with classic white or go-to gray. In fact, it's great to have plenty of neutral colors you can quickly and easily pair with anything. However, choosing a bold color for at least one article in your outfit helps keep things interesting so you don't fade into the background.

Go for the Matchy-Matchy Look

Coordinated sweatshorts and sweatshirts or tees are super cute and fun, and always look great. This approach helps keep things casual without looking drab. You can even try dressing the whole fam in matching outfits to spread the love.

Think Outside the Box

If you want to get the most out of this wardrobe staple, think beyond casual and partner it with unexpected patterns, colors, styles, and accessories. There are plenty of ways to experiment, and you never know what combination might become your new favorite outfit.

What To Wear With Sweatshorts: Shoes and Accessories

Every outfit needs a few finishing touches to bring it all together. These options help create a complete look from head to toe.


They're the obvious choice for a reason. Sneakers and sweatshorts are a match made in comfort heaven. A great pair of athletic shoes can make it easier for you to run around with your littlest ones all day long. Try a cool pair of hightops for extra pop without losing the support for your feet.


Another easy footwear choice, sandals keep things casual and trendy during warmer weather. From athletic slides and casual slip-ons to flip-flops or strappy wedges, the right pair of sandals can look especially great when paired with your favorite cropped top.

Fashion Pumps

If you're spicing things up with a button-down or blazer, try a chunky platform or heel with your sweatshorts. Go for bright colors or funky patterns to complete this fashion-forward look.


Nothing completes an ensemble like a great handbag, and moms definitely need all the help they can get for hauling around all the essentials for their kid crew. Look for fun tote bags with interesting designs to add a little something extra that's also fully functional.


There's rarely enough time to give your hair the TLC it needs when you're a busy mom. Fortunately, you can slip on a great hat that makes it easy to get out the door, protect your skin from the sun, and master the vibe you're going for with your favorite sweatshorts.

Wide-brimmed hats create a beachy summer feel. Baseball caps and trucker hats are the crowning glory of an athleisure ensemble. Try a structured newsboy cap with your more creative pairings.

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