Summer is a fun time for any kid, so make sure they can enjoy it. As the temperature rises, your children's clothing needs change from warm and cozy to cool and breezy. Whether it's the timeless bucket hat or a stylish floral print, don't get caught without the proper seasonal attire for your kids. It's never too late to stock up on some must-haves. Before a heat wave hits, prepare your children's wardrobe with these 10 classic, trendy, and fun summer essentials.

1. Classic Summer Essentials: T-shirts


T-shirts will always be in style. The t-shirt has a long history, evolving from an undergarment to the epitome of summer outerwear. Winter is all about layering, but in the summer you often want just a single layer of lightweight fabric that also blocks out the penetrating heat of the sun. These shirts are a fun addition to any wardrobe, with a variety of decals and designs for any interest or attitude and casual nicknames like "tees." T-shirts are the perfect warm-weather option for kids and adults alike.

2. Fun Summer Accessories: Hats


While hats are one of the most practical clothing choices for summer, they also are delightful and whimsical! The quintessential "sun hat" shines as the star of summertime weather. Other popular options to protect the sensitive skin of children's faces from the sun while also being stylish are bucket hats, ball caps, and bonnets.

3. Summer Trends: Rompers

When choosing the clothes that your children will wear, you want them to be practical while also staying cute and sweet. Nothing brings a bigger smile to parents' faces like having someone remark on how adorable their little baby or toddler is. Make that compliment easy to get with a charming romper. A resurgence of this infant style has become chic for summer fun.

4. Classic Summer Essentials: Sunglasses

Sunglasses are the true definition of essential. Keep the twinkle in the eyes of your little one by shielding them from the rays of the sun. While fashion and style are important considerations, you should also look for proper UV protection in your children's sunglasses and other eyewear. When someone comments "sweet shades" as a compliment to the hip summer style that your child is wearing, you can smile knowing that not only do the lenses look good, they are also practical and give your child the safety they need for their future as they savor every moment of their summer vacay.

5. Trendy Summer Essentials: Floral Prints


Camouflage is out and florals are in! The latest trends are to reflect nature not with a man-made pattern but with a burst of natural-looking flowers. You'll see floral prints in both muted hues like a pale yellow blouse or a lilac dress and more bright and bold, such as a neon pink skirt. Whatever your preference, you will be able to find a popular flower print for your kids to wear this season.

6. Classic Essentials for Summer: Shorts


Long pants can be good for lounging, but when it's time to play all day in the sun, shorts are the way to go. Mix and match summer essentials by pairing shorts with other essentials of a different type, such as florals or denim. Shorts are a classic choice that are worn by both boys and girls. Your little one has a myriad of options when it comes to choosing this must-have summerwear!

7. Fun Summer Trends: Frills and Ruffles


Ruffles and frills may look the same to the untrained eye, but when you check out their construction there are actually some fundamental differences. However, both are fun and fanciful, making them an excellent choice for comfortable yet elegant summer clothing essentials for kids. Try putting your little darling in a frilled blouse for a dressy look or go with a more toned-down, everyday style of a ruffle-sleeved tee.

8. Classic Summer Essentials: Gingham


If there is a pattern that screams summer, it is gingham! From picnic blankets to stylish accessories, you can see this checkered print everywhere you look. Gingham makes a particularly good choice for children's clothes because the cotton blend is easy to care for and naturally lightweight. True classics that are trending back around to become popular again are gingham bloomers or rompers. Your little one will look darling in gingham!

9. Trendy and Classic Essentials: Denim

The turn of the millennium is making a comeback, baby! While denim has been around since the late 1800s, it reached its peak in 2001. Anyone who was a teen or preteen when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wore matching denim outfits down the red carpet remembers with nostalgic glee the joy of those carefree days. That was Iconic, with a capital I! Now you can give your child a similarly iconic and blithe childhood with summer days filled with denim and discovery. Whether it's jeans shorts or a cute little vest, denim will always be considered a timeless trend.

10. Fun Summer Essentials: Accessories


Once your child has the summer clothing essentials covered, consider how to complete the look from head to toe. You already know about hats and sunglasses, but don't forget about hair clips and headbands. Complete a cute romper style with complementary socks and shoes, or pick up a stylish sweatshirt if you live somewhere that has cool summer nights (lucky you!) The options are endless when you consider how to put together that perfect kid style using accessories!

Summer Essentials for Kids

These 10 fashion features cover all you need to outfit your son or daughter with the best looks of the season. Mixing and matching are easy to do when you consider each element of a complete outfit. Kids like to run and have fun in the sun. They can comfortably look their best while they play or go to a beloved summer activity when you stock up on the best summer essentials. Stay up to date on fun seasonal styles and trends with Sun Peony Coconut's new arrivals.

July 01, 2023 — Sun Peony Coconut Admin